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How Proof-of-Work (PoW) Blockchains Work—A Technical Deep-Dive


Blockchains are the centerpieces of most decentralized crypto ecosystems, providing the safety, functionality, and spine for each. Proof-of-Work (PoW) is the original, oldest way of securing blockchains, with Bitcoin (BTC) being the most notable example who still utilizes it.


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Top Blockchains That Allow Token Launching in 2022

Launching a native crypto token is challenging, doing so on a standalone blockchain is even harder, but allowing others onto a blockchain to issue their own assets is a task only a few can manage. In today’s article, we’ll discover the top standalone blockchains and their native cryptocurrencies that are robust and well-designed enough to host entire sub-token systems and allow crypto asset issuance in 2022.

Industry Insights

What To Do When Crypto Prices Are Dropping In 2022

Markets simply can’t go up without interruptions, and so price down terms are expected, healthy parts of any asset—crypto tokens are no exception. Despite this, many investors struggle to cope with downtrends and often forget the real reasons why they invested in the first place. In this article, we’ll try to help by providing a basic framework that anyone can follow when crypto prices are dropping, as well as tips on how to stay resilient to panic selling by focusing on the right things.


Why Parachains Could Start the Next Revolution of Crypto

Blockchain and decentralization have completely changed how the world thinks about secure transactions, but with increased popularity came limitations that current infrastructures can’t, or can hardly, overcome. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about parachains and the cryptocurrencies employing their concept, which could be the key to the global adoption of tokenized ecosystems.


Who Owns The Most Bitcoin? Here Are The Five Biggest HODLers (plus a bonus!)

Bitcoin has come a long way since its inception in 2009, establishing itself as the largest cryptocurrency in the world. As Bitcoin’s mainstream exposure continues to grow, a steadily growing stream of institutional investors are snapping up Bitcoin. Today, several major firms and even countries hold billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin on their books. While earlier, the idea of holding Bitcoin on a company’s books was considered laughable thanks to its volatility, the pandemic has flipped that notion on its head. As a result, MicroStrategy’s purchase of Bitcoin set off a domino effect, with several other companies following suit. This also allowed investors who couldn’t or chose not to buy Bitcoin to gain exposure to Bitcoin without actually purchasing the asset.


What Is Bitcoin SegWit? Everything You Need To Know

SegWit, or Segregated Witness, is one of the most essential upgrades in Bitcoin’s history. It aims to reduce bloat in the latter’s blockchain by siphoning away bulky signature data and storing them in a sidechain (aka the SegWit chain). SegWit also happens to be extremely controversial since it led to the Bitcoin-Bitcoin Cash hard fork. In this article, we will learn more about SegWit and its long-term impact on the ecosystem.


How do you use Bitcoin? Here are 8 examples

The first known person to make a transaction using Bitcoin was Laszlo Hanyecz when he used the cryptocurrency to purchase two pizzas. Bitcoin has come a long way since and has established itself as the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Most individuals see Bitcoin as an investment, but the cryptocurrency has undergone several upgrades and improvements. As Bitcoin sees more mainstream adoption, its use cases have expanded significantly. Today, Bitcoin is more than just a store of value. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which you can use Bitcoin.


Institutions Are Buying Bitcoin. Read On To Find Out Why

Early in Bitcoin’s existence, the cryptocurrency was shunned by institutions as a worthless asset. In fact, the only group of people who believed in Bitcoin’s true potential was its core community. Even individuals like you and I thought of it as a passing fad. Boy, were we, and every institution that looked the other way wrong! What we are seeing today is a tectonic shift in the perception of Bitcoin, especially amongst major institutions.


Here’s How You Can Buy Property Using Bitcoin

In recent years, we have seen bitcoin's use cases grow significantly. The asset has firmly established itself as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. Many businesses, large and small, have started accepting the premier cryptocurrency as payment, including those in the real estate sector. So will it really be possible to purchase property using bitcoin? The short answer is yes! Let's find out how.


What Is The Best Way To Invest In Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin can seem a somewhat daunting task, and it could have a fairly steep learning curve for the uninitiated. But with the apex cryptocurrency grabbing eyeballs, everyone wants a piece of the action. Skyrocketing prices may seem tempting, but investing in Bitcoin comes with risks. But if you have made up your mind, studied the basics, and want to buy some, how do you go about it?


Who Created Bitcoin? Deciphering Crypto’s Greatest Mystery

No one knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. All we know is that they were behind the creation of Bitcoin, that led to the beginning of the age of cryptocurrency. Over the years, there has been constant speculation regarding their identity, with some individuals wrongly identified as Satoshi, while others screaming from rooftops that they are Satoshi. Let’s separate the facts from fiction today.


A Closer Look At Bitcoin Halving

The Bitcoin halving is one of the most pivotal events on the Bitcoin blockchain. It reduces the number of Bitcoin in circulation, resulting in an increase in the demand for Bitcoin. Previous Bitcoin halving events have resulted in significant boom and bust cycles which have pushed the price of Bitcoin significantly higher than what it was prior to the event. It also sends Bitcoin into a supply shock, as a drop in block rewards, and hodling by long-term holders sends demand through the roof. This article will help you understand Bitcoin halving, why it occurs, its impact on the price of Bitcoin, and its implication on investors and miners.


What is The Bitcoin Lightning Network?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have several unique properties. They can be used by pretty much anyone to send value to any corner of the globe, without any third party involved, nor can they be easily hacked or shut down. However, to achieve this, some trade-offs were made. One of the trade-offs is limited throughput. This means that the transactions per second (TPS) processed by the blockchain can be relatively low, a significant hindrance. However, there are several scalability solutions to overcome these limitations. One such solution is the Lightning Network.

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