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World of Women NFTs: Empowering Via Blockchain

By (Rain İçerik Ekibi - Jul 14, 7:00 PM

The crypto world began as an industry mostly cared for by men around the world. However, as its adoption was growing, an increased number of women also got into the sector seeking to benefit from the incredible potential of the technology and its features. Interestingly, it was one NFT collection that aided this process greatly; World of Women launched with the clear and simple goal of transforming the traditionally male-dominated crypto world into a more inclusive space via NFTs—read on to see how.

What Are World Of Women NFTs All About?

World of Women (WoW) is a collection of 10,000 fully bespoke art pieces registered as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum following the popular ERC-721 standard. All the items feature women in multiple settings, clothing, message, and overall character. World of Women aims to empower females through creating a progressive online community of holders that embraces diversity, intellectuality, character, thoughts, and women in general. Together, WoW aims to battle gender inequality, discrimination, and raise awareness of these burning issues on a global scale through its members.

World of Women started in mid 2021, with artist Yam Karkai behind the project. Yam aimed to bring a female-focused collection to the NFT space, and so she launched the project by herself. After its launch, WoW proved to be highly sought after, and saw its floor price per item jump to around 4 ETH in 2022, with the highest ever sale of 260 ETH for WoW #9248.

What Makes World Of Women NFTs Stand Out?

World of Women is by far the largest scale female focused NFT project to date. WoW items have one of the highest NFT sale volumes of all time, hovering around 71,000 ETH overall.

Also, World of Women it is the flagship of a handful of women empowering NFT initiatives, which makes it an appealing target for mostly female investors and potential community members.

Holders have the chance to enjoy a variety of perks and exclusive rights. These include yearly live galas that only WoW NFT owners can attend, the exclusive participation in crypto Airdrops, and full control over the underlying IP of the possessed WoW artwork.

What’s Ahead For World Of Women NFTs?

World of Women is a project known for its progressive and ambitious goals, and so it should come as no surprise that the next planned venture is quite challenging. That’s because WoW is planning to collectively launch an entirely new NFT collection called World of Women Galaxy that is aimed at depicting women discovering the depths of the universe, therefore metaphorically highlighting females’ endless capabilities.

Ending Remarks

Overall, World of Women is an immensely popular NFT collection, thanks to its female-focused approach, unique designs, exciting perks, and, most importantly, its uplifting community of women who set out to shape the world to a more inclusive place for future generations.


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