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Rain Turkey doubled its capital

By (Rain İçerik Ekibi - Jun 19, 7:00 PM

Rain, the pioneer of reliability and compliance with regulations in the field of crypto assets in Turkey, took another important step in preparation for regulation by increasing its paid-in capital from TL 50 million to TL 100 million. With this Rain once again made a strong capital increase after last December, setting an example for its own industry.

Global crypto asset platform Rain,, continues to take steps that increase its financial strength in Turkey. In this context, Rain increased its paid-in capital from 50 million TL to 100 million TL by 100% and realized one of the largest capital increases in the crypto sector. Rain; While demonstrating its confidence in the Turkish market by doubling its capital, it also demonstrated its commitment to the potential of crypto assets.

Operating with the vision of a financial institution, Rain is based on full compliance with the regulations related to the crypto asset market in all countries where it operates. Rain setting an example for its sector with its strong capital and organizational structure as well as its international experience, gives confidence to investors by increasing its paid-in capital to 100 million TL. The company develops reliable and effective services for anyone who wants to step into the crypto world; It offers traders a clear, simple and practical crypto experience.

Mehmet Çamır, General Manager of Rain Turkey, said on the capital increase:: “We advocate the necessity of regulation in order to create a transparent, clear and accountable industry. As a company involved in licensing processes in many countries; In Turkey, which is in our regional expansion focus, although there are no official regulations yet we continue our work as if there is already a regulation. Rain is reorganizing its financial structure and Turkey is a core market within the scope of Rain's growth plans. This huge capital increase is an important step for us to realize our targets in the Turkish market. We will use our capital in activities that provide innovation and added value to the national economy.”


Rain is a Crypto-Asset Services Provider headquartered in İstanbul. Rain provides services to its users at financial institution standards.





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