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Rain Doubles Capital in Turkey

By (Rain İçerik Ekibi - Jun 21, 7:00 PM

Rain, the pioneer and safe crypto-asset exchange operating in Turkey, has taken another important step towards Turkey's regulatory preparation by increasing its paid-in capital from 50 million TRY to 100 million TRY. Rain once again sets an example for the crypto space by raising capital after last December.

Rain, the crypto asset platform operating in many countries worldwide, continues to take steps to increase its financial power in Turkey. Within this framework, Rain increased its paid-in capital from 50 million TRY to 100 million TRY by 100% and achieved great capital growth in the crypto space. Rain believes in the Turkish market by doubling its capital while revealing its commitment to the potentiality of crypto assets.

Carrying the vision of a financial institution, Rain is based on full compliance with the regulations related to the crypto asset market in all countries where it operates. Rain Turkey, which sets an example for the crypto space with its strong capital and organizational structure, and international experience, continues to provide investors reliability by increasing its paid-in capital to 100 million TRY. Developing reliable and effective services for one and all who want to step into the crypto space, the company offers investors an understandable, simple and practical crypto experience.

Rain Turkey General Manager Mehmet Çamır said regarding the capital increase: "We advocate the necessity of regulation to create a transparent, clear and trustworthy industry. As a company involved in licensing processes in many countries, although regulations have not yet been issued in Turkey, which is the focus of our regional expansion, we are still working as if there were regulations. Turkey is a focal market for Rain's growth plans, reorganizing its financial structure. This large capital increase is an important step toward achieving our goals in the Turkish market. We will use our capital in activities that provide added value to innovation and the country's economy."

Metaverse Guide from ISKUR

The General Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency or ISKUR has prepared a professional guide for the new generation. ISKUR is a public institution established for protecting, developing, disseminating employment, and preventing unemployment in Turkey. The Metaverse space is included in this guide. Furthermore, it is stated in the guide that virtual worlds will open doors for new job positions.

Emphasizing the importance of selecting a profession that targets the digital world, the guide states that digital skills guide individuals about where they will be in the future. However, the guide explains: "In Metaverse, digital reality reveals a new service sector. This sector demands new vacancies and labor. To create Metaverse avatars, for example, there will be a need for digital fashion designers."

Metaverse has become one of the most popular concepts of the last year. The Metaverse concept, which describes the fictional world, first appeared in Snow Crash, a science fiction novel published by Neal Stephenson in 1992.

In the guide prepared by ISKUR for Generation Z, future jobs such as Blockchain developer, virtual real estate agent, and game designer were also mentioned.

A serious crypto market has emerged in Turkey due to its success in Bitcoin and crypto-asset adaptation. The youth unemployment rate for the 15-24 age group in Turkey is currently 21.1%. It is expected that more job opportunities will be opened in the Blockchain space.

National Competency Standards for Blockchain Programming Announced

With the communiqué published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, the national competency standards of "Blockchain Programmer" were defined.

The standards of Blockchain programmer, which is one of the most demanded jobs in Turkey and the world today, were described in the Official Gazette.

Blockchain began its journey in 1991, but the first successful application was made with Bitcoin in 2008 by an anonymous person/s named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was one of the most innovative applications to change traditional financial systems using Blockchain technology.

Blockchain programmer is defined in the official newspaper as follows: "Blockchain Programmer is a qualified person who organizes well within the framework of quality standards by applying measures for occupational health and safety and environmental protection and develops the product designed on a Blockchain protocol, improves products developed on Blockchain and participates in his/her professional activities."

In addition, the Blockchain programmer needs to have competency in using open code resources, smart contracts, programming languages such as Solidity, and multiple Blockchain networks. There are currently two Blockchain types: Public and Private Blockchain. The most commonly used Blockchain networks are Ethereum, Polkadot, Avalanche, Cardano and Fantom.


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