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FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt): What it is, and how to fight it

By (Rain İçerik Ekibi - May 16, 7:00 PM

FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) is an often used term in the crypto world, but many are not aware of what it actually means, and how to overcome it. In this article, we’ll explain what could cause FUD, what it actually is, and how effectively to fight the strong feelings that usually come with it.

What is FUD, and what causes it?

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, which are three feelings investors often experience after certain events. FUD is common when dealing with crypto assets and conventional financial instruments alike, it’s not something only crypto investors have to put up with. FUD is usually triggered by certain events or statements that voice heavy skepticism, pessimism, or a bad outlook for the future of a certain asset class. The problem with the FUD creating statements is that they are, more often than not, amplifying the negative aspects of their story and intentionally aim to evoke unpleasant emotions in the audience, while being subjective and not based on unbiased facts.

The effects of FUD on crypto trading and profits

FUD is more dangerous than one would think, especially for investors who are just beginning their journey. The effects of FUD could be devastating, as it has the potential to disrupt entire strategies, destabilize beliefs, and influence investors to make moves that they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

To illustrate, let’s assume a statement made by a famous person that you follow condemning cryptocurrencies and predicting no future for them at all. This could very well lead to FUD within you, as the person you look up to said extremely negative, but subjective things about the assets you’re investing in. In our theoretical scenario, your FUD will likely end up in you liquidating parts, or all your positions in the asset class at hand, by which you will miss out on immense opportunities. 

How to overcome FUD when dealing with crypto

FUD can be really hard to overcome, but if you follow along, we will show you how to have the best go against this dragging feeling.

Try to avoid subjective, negative news at all costs

It’s good to not even give FUD the slightest chance to get into your mind by avoiding negative news in the first place. Sometimes this is harder than it sounds, but by doing so, you’re doing yourself and your profits a huge favor in the long run.

Focus on objectively positive news

By placing the objectively positive news, such as new crypto partnerships, upgrades, and the like, you’ll not only eliminate harmful FUD, but will also strengthen your beliefs and face the next potential FUD more confidently.

Keep on learning and growing your knowledge

There is no better way to completely exile FUD from your life than having solid fundamental knowledge about cryptocurrencies. With that, you’ll be able to spot how FUD generating statements lack factual basis, and you will not be influenced by them at all. If you’d like to learn and grow fast and easily, visit our blog, where we present all you need to know, and nothing more, in the simplest way possible.


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