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Art Blocks Curated: The Fine Art Of The NFT World

By (Rain İçerik Ekibi - Jun 21, 7:00 PM

Art Blocks is the name behind countless, notoriously highly valued non-fungible token (NFT) artwork. The organization only releases collections that pass through rigorous standards and get praised by several respected names of the digital art space. Despite its already high standards, Art Blocks has one branch that it created to be the ultimate NFT art issuer, and called it Art Blocks Curated. In this article, we’ll discover all there is to know about Art Blocks Curated, and thus possibly the finest art of the NFT industry.

What are Art Blocks Curated NFTs all about?

Art Blocks Curated is essentially the best of Art Blocks, which is a highly esteemed issuer itself. With raised standards and an extremely strict qualification procedure, Art Blocks Curated is among the most respected names of the entire fine art NFT space. 

To get qualified, artists must submit their portfolio, the collection they intend to issue, and various other technical points determined by Art Blocks Curated. After the submission, a board of artists and experts evaluate the work and decide for or against the inclusion. Based on Art Block Curated’s official guidelines, the artwork must be of the highest quality in technicality and appearance alike. Also, it should ideally present something yet unseen in those fields, which is particularly hard to achieve.

There are around 57,000 NFTs featured under Art Blocks Curated, which is made up of smaller batches reaching up to 1,000 pieces each. As these small collections are from different artists, there is no real floor price for the items, however, we do know the highest sale to date: 2,100 ETH for Ringers #109 by Dimitri Cherniak. 

What is unique about Art Blocks Curated NFTs?

Art Blocks Curated is among the most respected names of the industry thanks to their notoriously tough qualification procedure and respected board. 

Another aspect that differentiates Art Blocks Curated from other art aggregators is that despite being from different artists, all artwork under the name seems to fit together extremely well. This could be due to the perfectly tuned selection procedure, or the board’s repeating taste.

What’s ahead for Art Blocks Curated NFTs?

As Art Blocks Curated has already claimed a spot among the most well-known and respected NFT aggregators of its time, it is challenging to accurately predict the project’s next steps. Some argue that Art Blocks Curated aims to expand its reach towards the traditional, offline art market, others believe that it intends to eventually take over Art Blocks, its greater organization.

Ending Remarks

The NFT space can be about utility, various gaming benefits, and the sort, but Art Blocks Curated has demonstrated that extraordinary artwork also does the trick. With strict application, astronomical valuations, and a high reputation, Art Blocks Curated seems to truly deserve the “finest art of the crypto world” title.


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