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A Bitcoin-mining heated swimming pool is combining profit with pleasure

By Rain İçerik Ekibi - Apr 07, 7:00 PM

Bitcoin mining is known to be a highly energy-intensive activity. The specialized computers capable of carrying out the task require advanced cooling systems that channel the heat away from the machines—this time, directly to a swimming pool.

Bitcoin mining in a nutshell

Bitcoin mining refers to the highly technical and special computational work completed by nodes (computers) of the network. That is, finding blocks’ SHA256 hash that, combined with the other data of the unit, fulfills a predetermined set of criteria. Mining is a quintessential part of the entire Bitcoin network, as it provides the required security and validation for transactions, and thus keeps the Bitcoin blockchain going. 

How can Bitcoin mining heat a pool?

To complete the needed work, computers have to be highly capable in a few very specific tasks. It so happens that the machines best at such computation produce immense amounts of heat during the process, which must be channeled away if in order to maintain the optimal operating temperature. This is where creative dad and Bitcoin enthusiast Jonathan Yuan comes into play.

He designed a system that cools his mining rig with water coming in, and increases the pool’s temperature at the same time, as the water that cooled the rig heats up in the process and leaves the system piping hot. Jonathan and his family live in Minnesota, a northern state of the United States, where it’s often freezing cold—but not in their swimming pool, which is nice and warm basically all the time. 

The best part is that Jonathan not only saves on pool heating utility costs, but also earns in the meantime, as miners are awarded with newly minted Bitcoin (BTC) for their efforts. Additionally, he can secure BTC if the initiator of the transaction includes a bonus fee that is intended as a sort of incentive for miners to prioritize the request.

Bitcoin mining is a highly energy-intensive activity that requires efficient cooling and produces great amounts of heat. While many would argue that this is a negative aspect of operating a Bitcoin node, Jonathan Yuan has demonstrated that, with a bit of creativity and craftsmanship, the often wasted energy can very well be utilized for other great causes.

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