Over The Counter

The Rain OTC desk is a service tailored for investors who would like to trade large volume transactions. It enables trading through a broker-dealer network and are private deals for buying or selling crypto on OTC markets - off-exchange pools of liquidity.

OTC Exclusive Benefits


The safest and easiest trading of crypto-currency for investors with large volumes

Better Pricing

Better prices by avoiding the problem of slippage

Deep Liquidity

Make large trades seamlessly; we manage the execution of large orders for you

Personalized VIP

Personalized VIP execution relationship with a trusted broker

Faster Settlement

Bespoke settlement options available, access your cryptocurrency funds faster


A better option for ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) to monetize the funds raised


Greater privacy compared to broadcasting trades on retail exchanges’ order books

Multiple Currencies

Post-trade settlement services in USD, TRY or any other currency

The minimum order size for major coins is $250,000. For all other coins the minimum is $100,000.

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Rain is a Crypto-Asset Services Provider headquartered in İstanbul. Rain provides services to its users at financial institution standards.





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